Scent of Fear  by  

For Haley Richardson, fear does have a smell. So do pain and love. A freak accident as a child gave Haley two gifts: a superior sense of smell that allows her to detect emotions and a telepathic link with German shepherds. Her secrets make Haley and her German shepherd, Jax, a successful search and rescue team. Three girls die before Haley can convince new sheriff, Dane Campbell, that he’s got a huge problem. As they work together to find the killer, both must learn to overcome their biggest fears.

This suspense with romantic elements has finaled in seven Romance Writers of America chapter contests.

Just in Time

Heath Thornton, agent with the Federal Bureau of Time (FBT), reluctantly teams with wild Natasha Petrov as they go undercover to rescue children who are being sold into slavery to moon farmers. Like Heath, all of the children can bend time. Second in the Time Bender series.

Contest Finals
Golden Heart Finalist – 2009
The Maggie
Golden Gateway

Time after Time

Rodrigo, a time merchant, partners with Federal Bureau of Time (FBT) Agent Lexie Stanton to discover who’s framing him for the murder of six time-bending fanatics killed by a new drug. Is he using Lexie for the information she can give him on the FBT? Or does true love defy time?

Contest Finals

The Molly


Dixie Kane
Gateway to the Best
Fantasy, Futuristic, Paranormal

Bed of Roses

Dr. Brianna Kincaid thinks life in the jungle is easier being stationed back at the Missouri Botanical Garden. When one of her students is killed, Bree must unravel clues the student hid in the Garden to find the killer. Down-on-his-luck journalist, Nick Mancini, wants the story and Bree.

Contest Finals
Cleveland Rocks
Golden Synopsis












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